Nothing a modern company or organization grapples with is as costly as change

The right strategy, properly delivered, can make the difference between proven success and costly failure. The challenge is that changing employee’s beliefs and behaviors takes time, making the ROI very hard to prove. Until now

Proof Approaches Analytics Differently

ROI. Cash flow. Revenue. Margins. With Proof, you can demonstrate how your change enablement impacts the most critical business metrics. Proof provides definitive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships at every level of the enterprise. 

Today more than ever before, the C-suite wants to know what they’re getting for their money

Effective, sustained change enablement helps everyone make the necessary changes and reach their objective, faster and with less friction, than they could without it.

But while the C-suite gets the value of that new Salesforce implementation they under-investment in the People part of “People, Process, Technology”.

Is change enablement working? Are employee beliefs and behavior changing fast enough? How can we know that the change enablement worked, and how long will it take to deliver impact, value and ROI? If we spend more on change enablement, will more employees shift to the new policies, processes and platforms faster?

These are questions you can answer based on Proof.


How do you know cause and effect analysis really works?

There are a lot of people who need help to make a change. Nothing is harder than realizing that it’s time to let go of the familiar and walk towards what’s next.

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Change management is complicated. Your analytics shouldn’t be.

Proof was built by a team of former CMOs and CCOs working with senior finance, technology, product and data science professionals. Our platform was developed for and and proven in large, complex B2B and B2C companies. Proof incorporates a mountain of important learnings in data management, data federation, rights management and analytics. It’s a fully democratised platform built for professionals that also meets the standards of the CFO. It’s unique largely because no one else has done the work and learned the lessons like Proof.