The ROI of great communications and PR on business is extraordinary

It’s time to make that clear. The effect has been hard to prove. Until now. To complete the bridge connecting your communications investments to business impact, you need the right analytics. You need Proof.

Proof Approaches Analytics Differently

ROI. Revenue. Margins. Cash flow. With Proof, you can demonstrate how your PR & Communication affects your most critical business metrics. Using regression analytics Proof provides definitive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships at every level of the enterprise. 

It’s time to prove the value of communications and PR

It’s very likely that you already have a great value story to tell. Great communications is one of the most important points of performance leverage in any company. It’s uniquely multiplicative in its power to move the business forward. Great PR helps Sales sell more product to more customers, faster and more profitably, than Sales can do by itself. Great employee communications – including change enablement and change management – helps people transition faster and with less friction, than they could without effective communications.

But there are some really important questions about the business value of communications and PR. Today more than ever before, the C-suite wants to know the answers. What’s working and what’s not? How much should we be spending on PR versus Marketing versus Sales? How long does it take for communications and PR to achieve audience impact and then get to ROI? If we spend more on communications or PR, will we get more value, or have we already saturated our audience?

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Grow your confidence as a business leader

The C-suite wants to know that Communications and PR are delivering unique upside to the business. The more confidence they have in that fact, the more they tend to invest. Business leaders always want to maximize anything that’s clearly creating a lot of value.

Finance wants to know a lot more about what creates a return on its communications and PR investment. Proof enables you to respond with the right insights and better explain why the investments you make are the right ones.


Communications and PR are complicated. Your analytics shouldn’t be.

Proof was built by a team of former CMOs and CCOs working with senior finance, technology, product and data science professionals. The system was developed, deployed and proven in large, complex B2B and B2C companies over more than a decade. Proof incorporates a mountain of important learnings in data management, data federation and sharing, rights management and analytics. It’s a fully democratized platform built for typical professionals that also meets the standards of the CFO. It’s unique largely because no one else has done the work and learned the lessons like Proof.

Let's explore how Proof Analytics can help you to improve the value of your PR & Communication

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