Proof for Communications
Prove the Definitive Value of PR and Comms

Quantify the impact of awareness, confidence, and trust.

If you can’t quantify coverage, you can’t justify budget – period. But how do you analyze something as intangible as comms?

Get Proof. Proof puts hard numbers to your toughest metrics, then correlates those key drivers with the definitive impact of communications activities.

Basic PR analytics can’t convey the value that PR and comms teams add to the business. Proof can. By uniting data from across the enterprise and calculating the KPIs that matter most to executives, Proof finally demonstrates the importance of brand, reputation, influence, and more.


Proof helps CCOs gain a seat in the C-suite by translating activities into outcomes. With Proof, you can show the cause and effect of your efforts even over long periods of time, from press coverage and placements to sponsorships and thought leadership. Comms has waited long enough. Proof puts numbers to your passion.

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You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.