Connect Investments to Outcomes with Business Impact Analytics

Meet the analytics engine that answers the C-suite's toughest questions.

What Makes Proof Unique?

Proof calculates which investments add value to the business, eliminating the noise in your data to uncover the cause-and-effect relationships that matter most.

  • Correlation Quality Scores

    Focus on the cause-and-effect relationships that drive results (and ignore the noise.)

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Communicate complex insights clearly with rapid readout dashboards built for the C-suite.

  • Time-Shifted Correlations

    Stop relying on outdated concurrent data analysis that can lead to the wrong conclusions.

  • Time-to-Impact Analysis

    Diagnose the impact that independent factors have on performance, even over long sales cycles.

  • Impact Value Chains

    Discover and substantiate how activities across the organization work together to drive results.

  • Correlation Performance Mapping

    Manage opportunity cost and optimize investments with accurate, visual outputs.

  • SaaS Analytics that Measure Impact - Not Effort

    Proof is a different kind of measurement solution. We call it Business Impact Analytics, because instead of measuring the activities of a particular team or department (like most martech analytics tools), it calculates results at the business level across the enterprise. While our roots are in marketing, Proof operates holistically to deliver an unprecedented view of what's really working - where, when, how, and why.

    By layering on top of your existing technology stack, Proof unites your data and adjusts for time lag to accurately compute cause-and-effect, even over long sales cycles. Proof puts hard numbers to your toughest metrics, then correlates those key drivers with the definitive impact of your activities, from marketing and communications to finance and HR.

  • Cutting-Edge Data Science. Deep Expertise.

    Proof uses advanced data science and machine learning to clearly and reliably uncover cause-and-effect relationships at every level of your organization. By applying a combination of proven, statistical methods to your time series data, it accurately computes causality: in other words, which investments are paying off in what ways. Proof also assigns each relationship a correlation quality score, so you can easily and quickly identify the drivers that matter and ignore the rest.

    What makes Proof different from the other analytics solutions applying algorithms to data? Our expertise. This is not brute force data science. We spent the last ten years building, testing, and validating a model that truly reflects how tactical activities drive strategic results. Those findings inform every insight that Proof delivers and allow Proof to achieve its unique results.

    The Science Behind Proof Brief
  • Secure, Collaborative Multi-Domain Data Exchange

    With so many data sources across today's business ecosystems, it can be difficult to collect and combine the right datapoints in the right way. Proof uniquely addresses this issue with Proof Exchange, a first-of-its-kind, multi-domain data exchange that allows users to create secure, collaborative work groups to tap into their data's collective intelligence.

    Proof Exchange gives your entire network of people and teams, within and outside your organization, a secure place to share data and jointly compute business impact. Its workgroups clear the roadblocks of analytics-driven collaboration, so you can integrate data silos, mitigate the politics of data ownership, and uncover the answers hidden in your data.

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