Connect Investments to ROI, Even When It Takes a Long Time

Meet the analytics engine that answers the C-suite's toughest questions.

What Makes Proof Unique?

Proof calculates which investments add value to the business, eliminating the noise in your data to uncover the cause-and-effect relationships that matter most.

Create the Value Framework for Your Business

Determine your value framework, instrument it, then compute.

Return on Investment

Understand what you’re getting for your money.

Computed Attribution

Get a stack-ranked view of the contribution each investment makes to overall business performance.

Time to Impact

It takes time for an investment to pay off. Knowing is critical.

Time Lag

See the effect that the passage of time has on impact and ROI.

Unique Impact

Focus on the individual cause-and-effect relationships that drive results.

Impact Value Chains

Diagnose and fix your weak investments in the journey towards ROI.

Performance Maps

Understand your investment options a lot better in light of correlation strength and how long it takes to have an effect.

Market Forces

Define the headwinds and tailwinds that directly affect your impact and ROI.

Measure Impact and Value,
Not Just Effort

Marketing not only deserves to be run like a business, its success depends on it.

Built to CFO standards, Proof is a specialized ROI governance and compliance platform that helps Finance and Marketing to work together to understand which marketing investments are creating value and which are not.

Championed by Finance, Proof enables Marketing to upload specified data so that everyone can quickly understand if the company’s investments are paying off.

Part collaboration network, part data federation hub, part data rights management, part business analytics, Proof enables any Finance team to quickly understand, calibrate and prove the impacts and value of marketing investment.

And just as a bridge benefits everyone, Proof gives marketers new confidence in their value creation and how they can properly invest to create even more.

Mainstream Data Science,
Augmented Intelligence

Proof clearly and reliably reveals the cause and effect relationships in your business that either drive value or drive it away. By combining proven data science and your time series data, it accurately computes which investments are paying off in what ways. Proof also computes unique attribution, so you can easily and quickly identify the value drivers that matter and those that don’t.

What makes Proof special? Our expertise. This is not brute-force data science. We spent the last ten years building, testing, and validating a model that accurately reflects how tactical activities drive strategic results. 451 Research recently wrote that “Proof is the answer to a very important problem: how to quantify the results of marketing expenditures. No one calculates ROI and time lag using the data-sharing model that Proof exhibits.”

Secure Collaboration Without
Losing your Data Rights

Today’s businesses are awash in data. The problem is bringing it all together when it lives in different teams and companies. If you read the top analyst reports, it’s clear that data centralization has failed to deliver value for many reasons, particularly when that data is owned by more than one organization. Proof uniquely addresses this issue with Proof Exchange, a first-of-its-kind, multi-domain data exchange that allows users to create secure, collaborative work groups to tap into their collective intelligence.

Proof Exchange gives your entire network of people and teams, within and outside your organization, a secure place to share data and jointly compute business impact. Proof Exchange clears the roadblocks of analytics-driven collaboration, so you can integrate data silos, establish clear data ownership, and uncover the answers hidden in your data.

You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.