Is there a language gap between you and your C-suite?

Survey after survey indicates that the eternal argument about PR and marketing ROI is coming to a head. With Proof you easily connect all your marketing and communication activities to profit, revenue or cashflow.

Proof Approaches Analytics Differently

ROI. Cash flow. Revenue. Margins. With Proof, you can demonstrate how your team impacts your most critical business metrics. From Marketing and Communications to the office of the CFO, Proof provides definitive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships at every level of the enterprise. 

Start acting on proof

When it comes to marketing ROI, most CFOs struggle with an incomplete picture. It’s time to get the full story.

Opportunity cost is the cornerstone of every business decision. Marketing is a critical part of your growth and profitability, but just how critical? Should you be spending more or less? How long will it take to see provable value?

These are questions you get answered based on Proof.

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Time is money. Traditional MMM is too slow to be used for all markets.

You want to know what’s working and what’s not. The faster you know, the better your corporate ROI can be.

Many marketers and communications pros recognise traditional Marketing Mix Modeling, or MMM, as The Golden Standard for understanding marketing's return on investment.

The problem is that it takes too long time between feeding the data and seeing the analysis.

Proof Analytics Automated MMM gives you answers in minutes instead of weeks or months.

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What can Proof Analytics do for you?

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Connect what matters most

Specify the data that you need from marketing, sales or any other organization, and get it promptly.

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Compute value and ROI

Instantly understand what you’re getting for your marketing dollar, to understand the past and inform the future.

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Calibrate your investment

Go beyond zero-based budgeting and cost-side adjustments. Adjust your spend up or down based on what’s delivering value and ROI, and how fast.

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State-of-the-art ROI analytics

Accurate portraits of attribution, value creation, time to value, risk and stack-ranked ROI to help everyone make better business decisions, from the top to the edge.