Proof for Finance
Calculate the Value of Every Business Activity

Turn data into insights with clear cause-and-effect correlations.

CFOs need to understand how every investment impacts the business, but some initiatives seem impossible to quantify. It’s hard to calculate risk without hard numbers.

Proof reveals the cause-and-effect relationships that generate value and drive ROI. It quantifies your fuzziest metrics so you can make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Proof combines cutting-edge machine learning IP with long-proven algorithms to do something that other analytics platforms can’t: calculate cause-and-effect correlations, based on all of your data, across the enterprise and over extended periods of time.


With Proof, departments like Marketing and Communications gain the ability to show their worth in hard numbers. That means you can better understand their impact on top-line metrics like revenue, cash flow, capital, and margins and make more informed, strategic decisions at every level of the business.

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You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.