Proof for Human Resources
Connect HR Initiatives to Proven Business Outcomes

Uncover and quantify the real value of human resources.

HR plays a critical role in the success of the business, but people-centric performance can be tough to understand and calculate.

Proof correlates HR activities and outcomes, defines and analyzes key KPIs, and ensures executive alignment to optimize your human resources initiatives.

Proof isn’t HR software – it’s business impact analytics that can transform human resources. By connecting HR efforts to results both within the department and enterprise-wide, it clarifies and quantifies how people-based decisions impact executive-level objectives.


From high-level metrics like employee satisfaction and productivity to in-the-weeds KPIs around recruitment and retention, Proof gives HR leaders deep insight into how their team drives business results. No silos here; instead of perpetuating the walls around HR, Proof breaks them down, uniting HR data and initiatives with your organization’s most critical goals.

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You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.