What needs to change in marketing today? Episode 1: Chris Talago

Chris Talago, VP PR & Communications JAPAC & EMEA at Oracle shares his thoughts and beliefs on how the marketing field needs to change to be more effective and financially aiding. How marketing leaders need to have an open mindset and improve their willingness to change and truly accept that marketing needs to be data driven.

What needs to change in marketing today?

So one of the things I’ve found is a big problem is just the ability to interpret what the c-suite wants. The thing that always surprises me is that we spend very little time asking the c-suite what they want. What we spent a lot of time doing is going to them working out how they want to run the business, where we fit in and you know it’s very much a team sport we need to understand where in the funnel we fit in and then develop a set of metrics and a set of campaigns as a result of that.

Tip#1 – Improve your willingness to change

I think the problem is that there’s a wide range of either understanding or if they understand, a willingness to change. The biggest part of it, I think, is a an understanding that were in sales so as communicators we’re in maybe a different part of sales and our sales cycle in our sales structure and our deals are different, but what we do is sell and I think you have to start there, once you start there then what flows from there in terms of the way in which you approach working with your cousin’s in marketing, working with the executive teams, working with sales that becomes far more natural so the first part is understanding what we do.

Tip #2 –  Understand what number is on your back

The next part, really, is about what do you do with that. Do you understand the user journey do you understand, you know, if this is a team sport, what number is on your back? What’s your role within that team sport and then how do you develop campaigns that help you and help the team push through to where you need to get to. The other point I’d make is that that role may change over time or even by campaign the first part is delivering or understanding that we have accountability, accountability and responsibility for the function that we lead. IT have come to that conclusion, sales have come to that conclusion there’s a whole bunch of other functions that now use data very effectively in their everyday life both internally and for the work that they do with the boardroom.

Tip #3 – Accept that marketing needs to be data-driven

So the first part is really that come-to-jesus moment where you have to accept that we are a data-driven function and that whilst, I’m not saying for a moment that creativity goes away and I’m not saying that you’re our ability to be storytellers isn’t as important as it ever was but, that’s got to be within the construct of data, the use of data and analytics and the way in which we demonstrate effectiveness to the board

Tip #4 – Use analytics to improve creativity

I never understand the visceral separation of its creative or its data driven it’s both it has to be both we’re nowhere without great creative and great storytelling, we’re nowhere without great data analytics it’s got to be great creative informed by great data analytics and that’s where we get movement and effectiveness.