a platform that measures the impact of Marketing and Communications

What led you to develop a platform that measures the impact of Marketing and Communications?

For years, business leaders have demanded measurable results from marketing spend. These voices are getting louder as concerns about ad fraud and a softening economy put more pressure on the Marketing organization. To survive and thrive, marketers need to speak the language of business and furnish results tied to the bottom line.

We designed Proof to solve the most complicated problems CMOs face, including a fully computed view of attribution that determines the relative contribution of each investment or activity. In my years of experience with large B2B companies like Honeywell Aerospace and BMC Software, I saw how long sales cycles complicate and obscure executive understanding of marketing’s impact. Without acknowledging the time lag, Marketing and PR activities appear untethered to results and not connected to any sort of incremental financial return.

How does Proof Analytics differ from marketing attribution tools that are available today?

Crucially, Proof is not martech but business impact… (Read More)