Proof Analytics is happy to have a new star onboard – say hello to Maziar Nodehi

Most of my professional career I have spent working in Sales & Marketing. In my work, I have faced two major challenges:

Nr one:

– A never-ending discussion between Sales and Marketing about “Who did what for the deal”?

Sales always got away with “We would have done that deal without Marketing involved”, and unfortunately marketing could not show exactly where and how they made an impact on the deal.

Nr two is about KPI:s:

– “We increased followers by 30% this week”, or “Our video went viral”. This sounds great, and I was always very happy to hear these statements. But what is the actual business value of these statements? How much more sales does it mean when we have increased our followers by 30%, how much value and actual money will that viral video generate and within what timeframe?

Finally, I can provide answers to these two major challenges that Sales & Marketing departments are facing. Now, I can tell how much “1-marketing-dollar” will generate in actual sales and over what period of time. It feels like having a GPS with a live traffic feed that has combined sales & marketing and the destination is growth, profitability, and most important ROI.

That’s why I joined Proof Analytics!!