Industry First: Proof Delivers Attribution Analytics For Networks Of Individuals And Teams

Attribution Analytics For Networks Of Individuals And Teams

Different people and teams drive different business value over different lengths of time
Identifying who creates the most impact and value drives alignment and determines investment

Understanding the networked and time-lagged contribution of people and teams is crucial to
understanding cumulative impact and value

Computing networked contribution and value creation opens the door wide to new, more profitable
compensation and business models

Proof P/3 delivers networked attribution for customer experience (CX), marketing, PR, CSR, and

NEW YORK CITY, April 9, 2018 – Proof Analytics has delivered Proof P/3, a major update to the company’s award-winning analytics platform that networks an individual’s key performance indicator (KPI) data to compute their contribution to the performance of a team, organization or company.

“No man or woman is an island, and performance is always about our contribution to something greater than ourselves,” said Kyle Brantley, Proof co-founder and product leader. “We’ve all repeated that mantra, but the reality is that most companies still evaluate an individual’s performance in isolation from the organization’s goals and objectives and the contributions of their colleagues. Companies also fail to factor the impact of time lag – that’s the time that separates what an individual does and the impact and value those actions create in the marketplace and for the business.”

“Proof P/3 is transformational, not only for individual employees but also for contractors, go-to-market partners and professional service providers,” said Mark Stouse, co-founder and CEO. “Proof enables everyone – individuals, teams, managers, organizations, and the company as a whole – to understand individual contribution in context, including time lag. By computing role-based attribution in Proof, organizations can align, evaluate, compensate, promote, bonus and retain team members based on the amount of impact and value they actually create.”

For more than 150 years, the primary basis for compensating employees and contractors for their work has been based directly or indirectly on their activities, presumed level of expertise, and the expected number of hours they will work, not the individual’s actual impact or the amount of value they created.

Proof P/3 is the logical extension of Proof’s core computed attribution capabilities. Tom Bishop, Proof co-founder and chief technology officer, said: “Customers have been using Proof Analytics to compute marketing and PR attribution across a wide range of activities, channels and outcomes. The next logical step was to compute attribution for individual team members based on the relationship between their performance metrics and those of their colleagues and managers. Proof has integrated this capability into our Proof Exchange data federation architecture so that the upload of individual performance data is part of the onboarding process, providing a team member with the immediate opportunity to compute their short-, medium- and long-term contribution to their team’s performance.”

“Proof P/3 redefines the basis for understanding and rewarding individual performance and contribution within a team,” said David Williams, senior vice president of portfolio strategy at CA and a former senior Gartner analyst. “Proof not only delivers an accurate portrait of performance attribution, it transforms the compensation for many roles into variable cost structures, much like sales or other commissioned roles. It effectively removes the need to restrict what high-performing employees can earn by connecting their compensation to impact and value creation. Proof also provides companies with a clear, modern basis for assessing their investment in roles that may be structurally necessary but create less value.”

451 Research analyst Keith Dawson wrote, “Proof…reaches across organizational boundaries to encompass an entire ecosystem of employees, partners and vendors. By (networking) data in Proof, people with different roles can connect their activities and understand what levers to pull to ensure particular outcomes. This has the potential to collapse the barriers between sales and marketing, as well as marketing and C-level decision makers, technology buyers and users, and between a company and outside partners and agencies.”

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