Proof Analytics Named To The Innovator 25 List For “Extraordinary Innovation” In Business Impact Analytics Software

Proof, the first analytics software company to automate computation of marketing and PR’s business impact, has been named to the prestigious 2017 Innovator 25 List by a panel of top leaders in business, innovation, marketing and communications.

Launched in 2017, Proof is a powerful new business impact analytics software solution that allows networks of people and teams to collaborate securely across organizational lines in order to federate their data and rapidly compute their end-to-end financial and business impact, including return on investment.

Chris Talago, Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) vice president of communications for EMEA and APAC, is a long-time supporter of Proof and a member of the Proof Customer Council.  “Rooted in more than a decade of award-winning work, Proof Analytics is a innovative software solution that proves the business impact of marketing and communications. Since its launch just 10 months ago, Proof has been recognized by industry analysts, customers and business leaders for its innovation and technical excellence. Congratulations on such well deserved recognition!”

Proof helps major brands understand the business impact and financial return on their marketing and PR investments.  A fully democratized data analytics solution amplified with targeted AI, Proof rapidly federates data siloes while preserving the individual’s or team’s sense of ownership of that data.  The solution includes a very straightforward interface that maintains individual involvement in the analytics process without requiring them to learn data science skills.  The result is that people bond with their data and the analytics process in a highly positive way that centralized data science approaches often unintentionally block.

Kelli Parsons, chief communications officer at United Technologies (NYSE: UTX), said: “Knowing what we really get out of big investments in marketing and PR is a longstanding frustration for many business leaders. During the past decade, Mark Stouse and his colleagues at BMC and Honeywell worked to conquer the math, logic frameworks and visualizations necessary to answer this question to the satisfaction of some of the toughest CEOs and CFOs. Mark and his team have parlayed those innovations and learnings into Proof Analytics, a uniquely people-centric analytics solution that combines rapid data integration, advanced pattern recognition, and automated analytics to help business and functional teams know what to invest in, how much to invest, and what the business impact is – even in long-cycle situations. Proof deserves to be elevated and honored for a series of game-changing innovations that deliver real accountability for impact while transforming marketing and many other functions into jet engines of growth. Congratulations!”

451 Research principal analyst Keith Dawson and analyst Scott Denne wrote in a September 5, 2017 report that “Proof’s analytics exchange is not the answer to every problem, but it is the answer to a very important one: how to quantify the results of marketing expenditures. CMOs need ROI data to justify their requests for funding to their C-level colleagues, and to know what campaign levers they should be pushing given the short time horizons they often face. Proof Exchange [data federation architecture] is an innovative way to collaborate between owners of internal and external data silos that provides detailed cause-and-effect and time-to-value analysis.”  For more of what they wrote about Proof, subscribe or sign in to 451 Research.

“Because it’s automated Proof is not only fast and accurate, but also much less expensive than traditional data science teams.”

CEO, Prosales Consulting

“Proof is a game-changing innovation that transforms marketing and many other functions into jet engines of profitable growth.”

Chief Communications Officer, United Technologies

"Proof is the first offering to calculate the connection between campaigns awareness and profit"

SVP Sales, Rocket Software

"For decades, Marketing and PR teams have struggled to prove business value. Until now.

Managing Director, LDWWgroup

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