Proof Marketing Finance

Finally bridge the gap between marketing and finance. With advanced financial workflows including fund requests, approvals, investment forecasting, and follow up of actual costs - your get full control of your enterprise finance management.


Marketing and finance in harmony

Proof Marketing Finance improves the collaboration between marketing and finance. From budgeting top-down or bottom-up and connecting marketing activities to cost-centers, to advanced approval workflows and financial forecasting. All this allows for instant, detailed and correct financial reporting.

As a result, the marketing department increases its internal recognition and mandate by showing how marketing supports broader business objectives.

360 Optimization fit

Proof Marketing Finance provides a financial overview and control throughout the marketing lifecycle.

With Proof Marketing Finance it's easy to follow up on your budget through out the year. Quickly set up advanced approval workflows and financial forecasting. Keep numbers up to date as you change and optimize your marketing.

Enjoy easy accessible, detailed and correct financial reporting.


Proof Marketing Finance

Financial Overview

Proof Marketing Finance displays accurate financial metrics for your plans, projects, campaigns, and marketing activities.

  • Budget figures
  • Allocated amounts
  • PO’s and reservations
  • Actual spent amounts
  • Remaining funds

CMO Dashboard

Proof Marketing Planner CMO Dashboard provides you with a snapshot overview of your most important marketing metrics.

  • Day-to-day updates
  • Sales & marketing alignment
  • Project and production KPIs
  • Resources & financial allocation

Cost center overview

The cost center overview is one of a kind. What controllers always wanted but never managed to get their hands on!

  • Day-to-day updates
  • Budgeted amounts split by cost center
  • Approval workflows per cost center
  • Actual costs split by cost center
  • Forecast split by cost center

What you can do

  • Advanced financial workflows
  • Advanced fund requests and approvals
  • Complete cost control for all campaigns
  • Investment forecasting over campaign periods
  • Cost split by campaign, cost center, vendor, country, product, etc.
  • Monitor budgets, allocations, purchase orders, invoices, and more…

Adopting a Marketing Performance Management approach can never be done using manual processes. A great IT-system is a prerequisite.


100% Native Salesforce

If your company uses Salesforce.com as your CRM system, you can now expand your CRM solution with powerful capabilities for your marketing department – without even having to adopt a new IT system.
If your company does not use Salesforce.com as CRM system – no worries! Proof is for everyone, and just as easily available without Salesforce.com

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Tom Schodorf

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“Proof has delivered a powerful suite of self-service analytics that compute business impact and how long it takes to generate that impact, all embedded in a highly collaborative platform.”

Founder, CMO Council

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