It’s time to run Marketing like an investment fund. The right data is critical, but it’s not enough. To complete the bridge connecting your investments to business impact, you need the right analytics.

You’re creating a lot of unique business value. But most of it goes unrecognized and unrewarded.  Are you content with that?

Break through the Fear of Finding Out. It’s time to prove marketing’s value.

The odds are, you’ve got a great value story to tell. Marketing is one of the most important parts of any company. It’s uniquely multiplicative in its power to move the business forward. Great marketing helps Sales sell more product to more customers, faster and more profitably, than Sales could do by itself. That unique advantage, that powerful leverage, is why Marketing was created in the first place.

But there are some really important questions about Marketing’s business value. Today more than ever before, the C-suite wants to know the answers. What’s working and what’s not? How much should we be spending on Marketing versus Sales?  How long does it take for the different parts of Marketing to achieve ROI?  If we spend more on Marketing, will we get more value, or are we close to the point of diminishing returns?

Strengthen accountability for Marketing investment 

Finance wants to know a lot more about what creates return on marketing investment. Proof enables you to respond with the right data and better explain why the investments you make are the right ones.

Compete more effectively 
for resources

The name of the game is where to spend the next dollar most effectively. Marketing is in constant competition with other parts of the business for money, people, and management focus. Many other functions have mobilized data and analytics to not only show past contribution but to accurately project future value. It’s time for a clear portrait of marketing ROI that can attract the investment it deserves.

Grow business leader confidence in your value

The C-suite wants to know that Marketing is delivering unique upside to the business. The more confidence they have in that fact, the more they usually invest. Business leaders always want to maximize anything that’s clearly creating a lot of value.

Build trust, not suspicion

Many business leaders wonder why so many marketing teams appear to run away from conversations about ROI. Most other parts of the business come ready to engage on the subject. As one CFO said, “Does my CMO know something I don’t know?” Many marketers suffer from FOFO, the Fear of Finding Out. When business leaders see that fear, they lose trust. Proof helps you build deep foundations of trust with your CFO.

Marketing is complicated — Your analytics shouldn’t be

You need answers with a minimum of fuss. Proof was built by a team of former CMOs working with senior finance, technology, product and data science professionals. The system was developed, deployed and proven in large, complex B2B companies over more than a decade. Proof incorporates a mountain of important learnings in data management, data federation and sharing, rights management and analytics. It’s a fully democratized platform built for typical professionals that also meets the standards of the CFO. It’s unique largely because no one else has done the work and learned the lessons like Proof.

An open book

Proof has destroyed the “black box.” The platform is fully transparent because that’s how you begin to build trust in what it’s telling you. The algorithms and methodologies are mainstream data science that delivers fit-for-purpose accuracy. That means accurate enough where more accuracy wouldn’t change the business decision.

Augmented intelligence

When we say “AI,” we mean this. Great marketing and great business is a fusion of analytics-led insight and irreplaceable human experience and knowledge. Proof balances the right amount of automated insight with ample opportunity for your input and interpretation.

Easy to deploy = rapid time 
to value

Proof works like TurboTax. Instead of months of painful implementation, Proof is up and running in minutes and is delivering “first value” at around 30-60 days and escalating steadily from there. Proof saves you a lot of money in many ways. You don’t need an expensive data science team or a data lake. Proof helps you identify the 20-30 percent of your marketing spend that isn’t delivering what you need it to, and then understand what you need to do next.

Always on so you’re always up

When you log into Proof, you see the most current impact, value, and ROI calculations. Whenever new data is introduced into the system, Proof recomputes, giving you the most up-to-the-minute readouts. You’ll never “not know” what’s working and what’s not.

Prove the value of your investments with Proof’s unique ROI governance platform


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