Marketing Optimization that will make you smile

Proof Marketing Optimization Suite is a powerful, flexible and efficient integration of ROI marketing analytics, planning and finance. The three parts works seamlessly together, helping you to propel marketing optimization faster than you ever thought possible.

Proof Marketing Optimization Suite

Easily analyze, plan, budget, collaborate, optimize and report on marketing ROI. All in one platform. Take away the complexity in marketing and finally bridge the gap between marketing and finance.


Automated MMM

Analyze what marketing activities correlate most to profit, margins and cashflow. Get insights and monthly reporting on how to optimize your marketing plan.


Proof Marketing Planner

Enjoy an easy visual overview of all programs, get full control of execution and improve collaboration between all teams, functions and countries.


Proof Marketing Finance

Get control of your enterprise finance management. Advanced financial workflows with fund requests, approvals, investment forecasting, and follow up of actual costs.

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360 Optimization

Proof supports optimization in all aspects of marketing. Everything you need in one platform. From the initial planning and budgeting to analyzing, optimizing and reporting marketing ROI. Fully integrated with Salesforce.


  • Automated MMM
  • Marketing Planner
  • Marketing Finance


Activate one, two or all three parts of the platform. The three parts solves different needs in a marketing organization; from getting full control, to faster execution and world class analytics and reporting. All with one goal. To get more out of your marketing investment.

Proof Marketing Solution Explanation

What you can do

  • See what activities that drives sales
  • Create your strategic and operational marketing plans
  • Make changes in your marketing plan to increase ROI
  • Create an overview of complex marketing programs
  • Smooth planning across teams, regions and countries
  • Easily collaborate with marketing- and finance teams
  • Report on the business value of all your activities
  • Get total control of marketing finance
  • Make informed decisions based on data
  • Enjoy increased trust from the c-suite
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Get 20% more out of your budget

It doesn't matter if you are a B2C or B2B company. Many of our customers make a significant increase in sales or profit simply by reallocating their spend into other more profitable activities. Or by cutting significant cost by eliminating certain types of marketing activities.

Proof Marketing Optimization Suite helps you answer questions like: If I increase my spend in one channel, what is the estimated sales effect?  If I eliminate an activity, how much can I cut costs?

Proof Assets

May it be an image, video, logo, role-up or folder - most enterprises struggle to know how an asset has been used in the past and which versions are available.

With Proof Assets you have direct access to all marketing assets in one place. Easily tag them to campaigns and add any legal restrictions, guidelines, stock level etc. Increase efficiency even further by using existing templates to generate your marketing documents.


  • Upload and store in one place
  • Organize and manage from all devices
  • Share with control

Spend 30% less on administration 

You are not alone. Most marketers really don't enjoy the administrative part of the job. When using Proof Marketing Optimization Suite, you and your team, can spend 30% less time on administration. What opportunities does that open up for in your company?



Proof Data

Many enterprises struggle to structure their marketing data in a good way, making it actionable. May it be marketing volumetric data or spend data, the data is often collected from many different sources, in many different formats. With Proof Data as a managed service, you get help to structure and manage your marketing data. Make your marketing data ready to analyze, share and act on.


  • Structure marketing data
  • Turn numbers into actionable data
  • Data management as a service

"We used to have hundreds of different excel sheets that were compiled manually and sending emails back and forth"

Today, with Proof, we have one system where we, from budget planning to execution on to approval plus follow up and reporting, can use the same system for everything.


100% Native Salesforce

If your company uses Salesforce.com as your CRM system, you can now expand your CRM solution with powerful capabilities for your marketing department – without even having to adopt a new IT system.

If your company does not use Salesforce.com as CRM system – no worries! Proof Marketing Optimization Suite is for everyone, and just as easily available without Salesforce.com