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Connecting awareness, confidence and trust with your team's contributions to the enterprise.

Connecting your performance with the customer purchase decision psychographic of awareness, confidence and trust is foundational to effectively measuring business impact and marketing impact. Get Proof to measure these relationships across the organization to compute impact and incremental value delivered by activities and investments across a function or organization.

You’re under tremendous pressure to show the value of your team’s efforts. But even with endless data, cause and effect remains difficult to prove.

By uniting your data and adjusting for time lag, Proof accurately computes the relationships between activities and outcomes – even over long sales cycles.

Proof approaches analytics differently. Instead of creating another silo, it acts as an intelligence layer on top of your existing technology stack. That means it can pull from all of your data, plus its own proven algorithms and machine learning IP, to calculate exactly how day-to-day activities translate to C-level KPIs – even over the long sales cycles typical to B2B.


ROI. Cash flow. Revenue. Margins. With Proof, you can demonstrate how your team impacts your most critical business metrics. From Marketing and Comms to the office of the CFO, Proof provides definitive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships at every level of the enterprise.

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You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.