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Connect awareness, confidence, and trust to individual and team performance with comprehensive data analysis, attribution, management, and sharing.

Proof Approaches Analytics Differently

ROI. Cash flow. Revenue. Margins. With Proof, you can demonstrate how your team impacts your most critical business metrics. From Marketing and Comms to the office of the CFO, Proof provides definitive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships at every level of the enterprise.

The End-to-End Platform for Business Impact Analytics

Proof Impact™ delivers comprehensive business impact analytics across the enterprise for dramatically improved alignment and attribution. Instead of creating another silo, the Proof Impact platform is the intelligence layer on top of your existing technology stack. It receives data from your internal tools as well as from external sources.  This plus its own proven algorithms and machine learning IP will calculate how your day-to-day activities/tactics impact C-level KPIs – even over the long sales cycles typical to B2B.


Proof Impact combines all the individual components of Proof – Proof P/360™, Proof Chain™, and Proof Exchange™ – for a unified platform approach to creating, understanding, and communicating value at every level of the organization. Learn more

Cutting-Edge Individual Performance Attribution

Proof P/360™ brings powerful analytics to individual performance, empowering organizations and their leaders to understand how each employee and team contributes to business value. By leveraging fully integrated data federation and data rights management, P/360 connects individuals KPIs, objectives, and key results and computes the effects and time to impact of their contributions. The result is an industry first: the ability to clearly calculate, recognize, and reward individual performance. Learn more

The First Real-World Block Chain Approach to the Networked Sharing of Data

Proof Chain™, an encrypted enterprise-grade data rights management solution, enables organizations to federate an unlimited number of distributed data sources and ensure their ongoing integrity, reliability, and provenance. By integrating block chain technology, it automates data rights and assurance without the costs and risks of failure associated with centralized data management. As a result, organizations gain increased confidence and trust in data and a secure system to track and monetize the licensed use of third-party data. Learn more

 Secure, Multi-Domain Data Sharing for Collective Intelligence 

Proof Exchange™ is a data sharing platform that allows an unlimited number of individuals and organizations to create secure, cloud-based work groups to crowd-source relevant data, crowd-compute the relationships within that data, and crowd-share those insights across distributed teams. It knocks down the traditional walls between data silos while ensuring control at every level, enabling secure data sharing across firewalls for the first time. With Proof Exchange, teams can safely share disparate but relevant data, then jointly compute and collectively understand the business value of their work. Learn more

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