Connect all your marketing activities to revenue, margin and cashflow in minutes.

Proof’s platform works instantaneously to show you what’s working and what’s not. What’s generating the most ROI? How long before investments pay off? Why invest more in one activity over another? Get Proof Analytics and start optimizing your go-to-market mix today.

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Think you're using an analytics tool? You're most likely not

There’s a lot that’s not known about the brain, but here’s one thing that is: your brain can’t handle more than four variables at once, including time. In marketing today we have 15 to over hundreds of variables and with various delayed effects.

Even with the support of metrics and visualisations tools like Google Analytics, Tableau or Marketo - our brainpower sets the analytical limitations for connecting marketing to business value.

Why Automated Marketing Mix Modeling?

Proof Analytics has automated the algorithms used to optimize the marketing mix – making MMM faster, scalable and available for all mid-sized and large B2C and B2B companies

Why multi-touch attribution can’t be used for budget optimization

With cookie deletion and many new social platforms MTA can include approximately  20% of all online activities and 0% of all offline activities.

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Traditional MMM is too slow to scale and very expensive

With MMM you can connect all types of marketing to profit and growth. But in a fast changing world it’s not enough to run MMM once or twice a year!

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Automated MMM gives you answers in minutes instead of weeks or months

With Proof, the world leader in Automated MMM, you can identify which activities have an impact on your growth or profit monthly, weekly or daily if you like.

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“Because it’s automated Proof is not only fast and accurate, but also much less expensive than traditional data science teams.”

CEO, Prosales Consulting

“Proof is a game-changing innovation that transforms marketing and many other functions into jet engines of profitable growth.”

Chief Communications Officer, United Technologies

"Proof is the first offering to calculate the connection between campaigns awareness and profit"

SVP Sales, Rocket Software

"For decades, Marketing and PR teams have struggled to prove business value. Until now.

Managing Director, LDWWgroup


How can I get 20% more out of my current budget?

It doesn't matter if you are a B2C or B2B company. Many of our customers make a significant increase in sales or profit simply by reallocating their spend into other more profitable activities. Or by cutting significant cost by eliminating certain types of marketing activities.

Proof can help you answer questions like: If I increase my spend, how should it be allocated and what is the estimated sales effect?  If I eliminate certain activities, how much can I cut costs?

Cause and effect analytics explained with the help of climate change

The big questions are the same. Why did this happen? How fast are things changing? What does the future hold? The imperative also is the same: build a consensus about what to do next.

Proof’s automated marketing mix modeling delivers answers that are faster, more accurate and a lot less expensive than anything you’re used to.