The Solution

The power to prove

Proof has developed technology and data science IP that reveals important relationships that are often masked due to their occurrence over extended periods of time. Our correlation engine combines a powerful logic framework and long-proven algorithms to reveal the cause-and-effect relationships – not only between the different parts of marketing, but also between marketing and other parts of the business, like sales.

Connections that matter

Proof then connects these relationships into value chains, building an accurate portrait of your business impact for the first time. Proof not only baselines precisely what marketing does, it can help model marketing strategies and spend across functions in order to optimize the most effective blend of activities for sales.

Real data. Real calculations.

Unlike marketing attribution vendors, Proof does not rely on “models,” which by nature are based on well-informed assumptions. Proof uses real data and real calculations to compute real cause-and-effect evidence.

Ultimate impact to the business

The sources of data to explore correlations and connections are unlimited and can come from anywhere. Securely collect and compute data sets from any organization across your company, as well as sources outside your domain and firewall. Proof uses time series data from your internal systems like marketing automation, CRM and media measurement as well as external data sources to determine cause and effect impacts that are important to the business. It’s the last mile of proof.

Powerful, scalable and flexible

Proof is powerful, scalable and flexible. From a single user to a large enterprise, a single license gives you access to Proof, then you choose from annual programs based on the volume of calculations you expect to make. If you need more proof, you can upgrade instantly online.

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Proof’s technology reveals that many marketing and communications teams have a much
better business value story than they realize. They just never had access to the proof.