Analytics and Answers for Every Team

Prove the impact of your team's efforts with Proof's cutting-edge data science and intuitive correlations.

  • Analyze Results, Not Activities

    Calculate how Marketing impacts ROI, cash flow, & more

  • Defend Marketing Spend

    Quantitatively prove Marketing’s value to Finance, Sales, and the C-suite

  • Unite Your Data

    Break down analytics silos with data-driven, enterprise-wide insights

  • Uncover HR’s Value

    Prove how Human Resources drives business results

  • Define and Analyze KPIs

    Quantify the performance of HR initiatives

  • Break Down Silos

    Connect HR data with your organization’s most critical goals

  • Quantify Tough Metrics

    Put numbers to challenging KPIs like awareness, confidence, and trust

  • Prove Your Worth

    Demonstrate the financial value of PR and Comms activities and investment

  • Go Beyond the Basics

    Leave entry-level measurement behind with enterprise-grade analytics

  • Clarify Cause and Effect

    Learn precisely how your investments are performing – and why

  • Turn Data into Insights

    Gain a comprehensive view of ROI across the organization

  • Compute Business Value

    Calculate the impact of every business activity, at every level of the enterprise

Proving Value: Enterprise Software Company

What happened when a $2B public enterprise company launched Proof?


Improvement in deal velocity and associated cash flow impact


Increase in quarterly closed deals per sales representative


Reduction in unproductive sales compensation expense


Improvement in correlated awareness vs. RFP invitations

Perspectives on Proof

Proof "elegantly solves a specific analytics problem for CMOs and the rest of the C-suite: the calculation of marketing’s business impact."

Keith Dawson
Principal Analyst, Customer Experience & Commerce, 451 Research

"Proof is the first offering to calculate the connection between campaigns designed to boost customer awareness, confidence, and trust, and a pervasive acceleration in deal expansion and deal velocity."

Chip Salyards
SVP Sales / Rocket Software

"For decades, Marketing and PR teams have struggled to prove business value. I saw Mark and his teams transform their entire strategy based on what the data was telling them, and it made a huge impact."

Ken Luce
Managing Director / LDWWgroup

"There isn’t another martech product out there that completes the ‘last mile’ of marketing’s business value journey."

Michelle Calcagni
Co-founder / PhoneBox

"There are many #analytics vendors I use and see. @ProofAnalytics can change how we look at #PR and #marketing. I don't say this lightly. "

Brent Diggins
SVP Measurement & Analytics / Alison+Partners

"Proof provides a powerful platform for anyone who needs to be able to speak with certainty about the business impact of their decisions and actions."

Kelli Parsons
CMO / NY Life, Fannie Mae, Warburg Pincus, United Technologies

"Proof is the first analytics software to actually compute attribution using time-lagged correlations delivered via an easy-to-use self-service platform. It’s what we’ve been waiting for."

Christopher Engman
CRO,CMO / Climeon

"Proof has delivered powerful self-service data analytics in a highly collaborative platform. Marketing and communications teams now can plan, execute and prove their impact with precision, predictability and profitability. And, crucially, business leaders like it!"

Donovan Neale-May
Founder / CMO Council

"Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new products I’ve seen come on the market in the last few years is Proof. When I got to try the software this summer, I had to admit that it’s damn close to (being) the Holy Grail."

Katie Paine
Founder / The Measurement Advisor

The “Proof Gap” is an existential threat to the future of many CMOs, particularly in B2B. Why shouldn’t CMOs provide for accurate views of cause and effect in our marketing spending? There are powerful new analytics platforms like Proof that are available today to help establish impact and govern investment. It’s time to use them.

Bob Beauchamp
Top Technology CEO and Chairman

Proof Analytics is a transformative software solution that proves the business impact of marketing and communications.

Chris Talago
Vice President Communications, Oracle EMEA and APAC

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