Why ROI analytics is like climate change?

Proof Analytics helps you prove — and improve — the business value of your marketing and communications. Listen to CEO Mark Stouse comparing ROI analytics with climate change and the problem with time-lag.


It’s pretty easy. Ask for the data you need and get it. Then compute your ROI.

Proof works a lot like TurboTax™. We connect Marketing performance to what matters to Finance, Sales and the C-suite. Finance asks for data, and Marketing “fill in the blanks.” The results are fast and accurate. Proof delivers a rock-solid, fully transparent portrait of value creation, even when your investments and ROI are separated by long periods of time.


Weigh your investments.

The biggest question after ROI is Opportunity Cost. Proof is ROI governance and compliance on steroids. It helps you understand where to spend your next Dollar, Euro, Yuan for the most effective investment portfolio. You get to answer the questions of whether you are part the point of diminishing returns or the effect of time lag have on your risk and reward.


Understand what’s working, and what’s not.

Do you know what creates the most value and what generates the least? How long does it take to realize ROI? Proof transforms your data and KPIs into computed portraits of attribution and correlated value. There many types of analytics tools, but no one delivers proof of value like Proof.


Build your future on a solid foundation.

Marketing is a huge part of any business. It deserves to be run like a business. Built to CFO standards, Proof ends the debate over marketing value and ROI.


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Proof "elegantly solves a specific analytics problem for CMOs and the rest of the C-suite: the calculation of marketing’s business impact."

Keith Dawson
451 Research

"Proof is the first offering to calculate the connection between campaigns designed to boost customer awareness, confidence, and trust.”

Chip Salyards
SVP Sales, Rocket Software

"Marketing and PR teams have struggled to prove business value. I saw Mark's team transform their entire strategy based on what the data was telling them.”

Ken Luce
Managing Director, LDWWgroup

Prove the value of your investments with Proof’s unique ROI governance platform