Marketing is a lot
like Climate Change.

The big questions are the same. Why did this happen? How fast are things changing? What does the future hold?

The imperative also is the same: build a consensus about what to do next.

Proof’s automated marketing mix modeling delivers answers that are faster, more accurate and a lot less expensive than anything you’re used to.

One Brain. Four Variables.

There’s a lot that’s not known about the brain, but here’s one thing that is: your brain can’t handle more than four variables, including time. And marketing’s multiplier effect on business performance includes about 50 – and that’s on sales alone.

That’s why you need help. While customer journey analytics like MTA is important for optimizing the communication itself, this data is not enough to help you understand how to spend your next Dollar, Euro, Yuan for the most effective go-to-market mix.

MMM. Automated.

Marketing mix modeling used by the world’s top brands and agencies for decades, have teams of data scientists and math to solve this problem.

Proof is Automated Marketing Mix Modeling, the logical extension of the math and science, making MMM fast, available and a lot less expensive than anything you’re used to.

One Tool. One Mission.

Marketing multiplies the performance and value of many other roles. Each dollar spent on great marketing pays off in many ways. Sales is just the beginning.

Proof automates marketing mix modeling, helping you see what’s the biggest multiplier of value. What marketing investments are driving better revenue, margin and cash flow? How long does it take for brand investments to accelerate average deal velocity?

What marketing ROI questions does your business want answered?


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Proof "elegantly solves a specific analytics problem for CMOs and the rest of the C-suite: the calculation of marketing’s business impact."

Keith Dawson
451 Research

"Proof is the first offering to calculate the connection between campaigns designed to boost customer awareness, confidence, and trust.”

Chip Salyards
SVP Sales, Rocket Software

"Marketing and PR teams have struggled to prove business value. I saw Mark's team transform their entire strategy based on what the data was telling them.”

Ken Luce
Managing Director, LDWWgroup

Prove the value of your investments with Proof’s Automated Marketing-mix Modeling platform


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