What is the business value of your marketing spend?


Every marketer believes they create valuable business impact.
Every business leader wants to know how much.

It's all about cause and effect

Proof is the first software company to use advanced math to reveal the hidden impact of marketing and communications on any aspect of company performance, including revenue, margin and cash flow. Long-accepted algorithms combine to form an engine that takes all of the data you’re using — marketing, communications, sales, and other business data — and computes the time lag and correlations that you can’t find any other way.


Software that's accurate yet easy to use

Wrapping a powerful algorithmic engine in easy-to-use software, Proof crunches your data to reveal what’s “moving the needles” that the business cares about and exactly how long it takes to move them. This is the crucial insight that makes all the difference —  no data scientists or analysts required.


Finally incorporate data from every possible source

Proof’s secure collective intelligence exchange enables an unlimited number of people and organizations to build highly secure cloud-based work groups in order to crowd-source and integrate relevant performance data, crowd-compute the cause-and-effect relationships that are present in that data, and crowd-share those insights securely with the entire distributed team.


It's time for proof

Marketing and communications create a lot of business value every day. Get the credit you deserve.