Proof for Marketing
You Know Your Team Adds Value. Let's Prove it. Together.

Using Proof, calculate how marketing impacts revenue, margin cash flow and more.

Most analytics platforms evaluate effort, not outcomes. That’s why the average CMO lasts just 42 months and marketers struggle to decisively prove the value of their work.

Proof isn’t another martech tool. It unites your data to quantify your toughest metrics, so you’re always armed with the answers the C-suite needs.

As a business analytics platform, Proof sits on top of your martech stack so you can see the forest for the trees. It analyzes business-level KPIs like ROI, revenue, acquisition, retention, and more instead of standard marketing metrics (no web site visits or conversion rates here.)


Proof’s innovative approach, combined with long-proven algorithms, quantitatively proves the value of marketing activities in language that the C-suite understands. You’ll gain deep insight into what’s working, with whom, and why, and show how those drivers evolve over time. Proof delivers the last mile of marketing analytics: definitive evidence that your work matters.

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You have a better business value story than you realize. You just need access to the Proof.