Hello Partner

Looking for a partner that can help you prove the business value of your work?

About our partnering model

Proof Analytics seeks to identify a select list of partners, who understand the opportunity and need to drive change in marketing’s ability to deliver with confidence and trust ROI proof.   We are committed to a simple model that allows both parties to benefit, while accelerating time to entry.  As a Software-as-a-Service solution, we will provide our partners with a managed service that allows partners to focus first on solving business problems.

I see a lot of analytics software, and only rarely a solution of such strategic importance as Proof.

Brent Diggins, Global Analytics Leader, Allison + Partners

What type of agency are you?

Agency Partners

Agency Partners team with Proof to enable client adoption. The partnering model is designed to accelerate value and evolve agency’s performance based capability. Key to the program is Proof’s commitment to jointly pursue go-to-market efforts, and provide a managed service model that accelerates Agency/client time to value.

Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners recognize the synergy of teaming with Proof to deliver value-added solutions.  Proof seeks alliance relationships that accelerate client adoption and serve as a “force multiplier” for our market offerings.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners have a mature marketing and / or martech practice.  The purpose of forming Consulting Partner relationships is to scale resources around the enablement and adoption of Proof.  Proof will provide “best practice” content and credentialing standards to assure consistent delivery.